For Working Parents, By Working Parents

3Be Coaching helps working parents define and execute their visions of success, both at work and at home.

Our Mission

There is no five-step solution to keeping work and life feeling (dare we say it) balanced.

There is no one way to be a good parent, just as there is no one way to be a human.

And so ... we’re gifted with an exciting, beautiful and somewhat daunting challenge to define our own versions of success. For some, that’s gunning for the next promotion without missing evening storytime. For others, it’s unapologetically shifting focus from career to baby. The important thing is to be true to yourself and your family.

3Be Coaching is here to help you ask the questions, have the conversations and make the decisions to achieve your goals—whatever they may be.

Be brave, be bold, be you.

Our Team

We are a small, mighty team of professional coaches who, like you, are also working parents.

“3Be Coaching helped me with a smooth transaction for the first 6 months after maternity leave, and helped me adjust my path to my career goal.”

Rachel, Redwood City

“My coach helped me adjust to returning to work after my maternity leave, and helped me think through my priorities and obligations so I can be a happier, more balanced and successful professional.”  

Alex, Hoboken

“I have felt more comfortable in creating boundaries for myself (especially with a young child at home) and encouraging my team members to do the same.”

Eva, San Francisco

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